Consignment Advantages

Why go through the hassle of taking all the phone calls, having people stop in your yard and take up your time only to make you a "low ball" offer on your boat? Let the professionals at Mark's Leisure Time Marine in New York sell it for you.

Our lakeside facility here in the northeast has a built in customer base of boat buyers looking for boats year round.

We will advertise your boat not only on our website but on all of the top boating sites we are affiliated with. This will put your boat in front of an enormous number of buyers and not cost you money or time.

We have the ability to take almost anything in trade from perspective customers increasing the pool of people that will qualify to purchase your boat.

Many of todays boat buyers need to obtain financing before they can purchase a boat. We also offer financial services to the customer so you can obtain financing quicker, getting you your money faster.

Call Mark's today at (585) 346-2260 and get your boat listed.

Boat Consignment with Mark's Leisure Time Marine in Conesus, NY