Smokercraft Bowliners, Cruisers and Fishing boats available at Mark's RV and Marine in Conesus, New York.

Smokercraft Boats

The boat rocks gently in the water. The break of dawn arrives as the sun reaches the horizon and its golden rays reach for the beautiful clear morning. Your bobber suddenly disappears beneath the water and your line veers sideways at your first bite of the morning. Or perhaps you're waiting for the flock of geese to fly over head, and your retriever is waiting with anticipation for the command to retrieve the fallen waterfowl. With the Smokercraft boat's superior design, you'll find them ideal for any hunting or fishing expedition.

Smokercraft fishing boats, utility boats, and jon boats are made to enhance your day on the water whether your enjoying a relaxing day fishing or duck hunting. Each model offers various layouts and features optimized to fit your spacial and storage needs.

Why Smokercraft?

Flip up seating, large platforms, carpet or plywood floors, and a hydra-lift hull are only a few of many options offered for their high-quality fishing boats. Smokercraft Fishing Boat models offer the Flow Rite Live-well System to help keep your fish alive longer. Their design works with two pumps. One that draws water in and circulates it at the bottom of the tank, a hole in the top of the tank allows air in to mix with the water, while the second pump keeps the water aerated and in continuous motion.

Smokercraft Utility Boats have a variety of optimal layouts to suit your needs. Each model in the series caters to an open floor plan, comfortable seating arrangements, and storage.

The Jon Boats offer the same great Smokercraft quality as the fishing and utility boats. These boats come in a variety of lengths and seating options to suit the consumer.

Smokercraft offers unequaled performance on the water with their 5-keel construction made for better stability and underwater object protection. It reduces the bow lift giving the owner better performance if they have a smaller engine with less horsepower. The new spray rails push water from the hull offering the rider a drier experience.

Mark's Leisure Time Marine is a big supporter of Smokercraft and are proud to sell their boats. Their high quality materials, layouts, and consumer friendly options make their product a top-sale. Their boats are affordable and customer focused, just like we are.

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Buying a Smokercraft at Mark's

When you decide to buy a boat, buying from the right dealership is as important as what boat you buy. Here are a few questions you should ask your dealer before you make your purchase:

What makes your Boat dealership better than others?

At Mark's Leisure Time Marine, we are proud to be a member of the Smokercraft dealer network. We will be able to confidently answer your questions with a rundown of our convenient service hours and provide testimonials from other satisfied boat consumers. In the boat industry, we have the nicest staff in the northeast and in the state of New York. Read More About Mark's

How can you make servicing my boat as easy as possible?

At Mark's Leisure Time Marine in Conesus, NY, we have convenient hours so you can take your boat in for service after work or on weekends. We tell you how we diagnose an issue, should one arise, and how we estimate the cost. Our hourly labor rate is prominently displayed. We do our best to simplify serviceability and our staff are some of the most qualified in the state of New York and in the northeast. Read More About Our Boat Service

How can you help me maximize my boating experience?

At Mark's Leisure Time Marine, we have a menu of benefits and services to support new and seasoned boaters alike.

We have access to boat financing from multiple lenders, and help you with decisions regarding boaters' insurance so you don't have to run all around town. Boat Financing

For new boaters, we offer instruction and make sure you are comfortable with piloting your boat. We offer a wealth of information right here on our website including boating articles and downloadable documents to print and read regarding boating safety, Coast Guard rules and regulations and similar topics. Boating Lifestyle